The Bryants

Family Session On The Mornington Peninsula

Family session on the Mornignton Peninsula, Mum, daughter and dog walking along a path through the long grass down to the beach below.

Family sessions are the best when you can just hang out together and have some fun. Bonus points if your family session takes place on the Mornington Peninsula at the beach on a bloody hot day and you can just jump in for a swim to cool off at sunset!

But truly, the best location you can possibly choose is somewhere that has meaning to you. If you are beach people the answer is pretty obvious, but maybe it’s the place where you went on your first date, or the place you got engaged, or a family farm that you have spent time at since you were a kid. If there is somewhere that is truly special to you- I wanna take pictures of you there. If there is nowhere in particular you can think of, or if all of your special places are miiiiiiles away, I can absolutely suggest some places to make some new special memories. I often have families tell me that they have revisited the location we chose with a picnic or have taken other friends or family there after the session day. It makes my sentimental heart so happy to have contributed a new paragraph into the story of a family!

For these guys, the beach was always going to be the answer, it was a no brainer- they call the Mornington Peninsula home and why wouldn’t you have your session there when it looks like this?!