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Newborn Photography in The Dandenong Ranges

Couple snuggling their newborn in a field at their newborn photography session in the Dandenong Ranges

If you are looking for Newborn Photography in the Dandenong Ranges, I’m your girl! With years of experience and a deep connection to this stunning area, I have a list of secret squirrel spots that are gorgeous every single time, no matter the weather. The variety of landscapes in the Dandenong Ranges ensures that each photo session is unique. Whether you prefer the lush greenery of a forest, the serene beauty of a pond, or the wide-open spaces of a field, the Dandenong Ranges have it all. The changing seasons add even more variety, with each season offering its own special charm. Spring brings blooming wildflowers, summer offers dreamy long grass, autumn showcases amazing foliage, and winter provides a serene, misty atmosphere (OK, fine. So sometimes it is also rainy, but that is not a big hurdle, I promise!). With so many unique locations, there’s sure to be one that suits what you are looking for in your newborn photos. This area is particularly special to me as I have lived in the shadow of Mt Dandenong my whole life. Getting to explore the area and show off my favourite places is one of my favourite things, particularly with kiddos as they have such a sense of wonder and imagination that can turn an everyday mushroom into a secret fairy meeting place!

The Dandenong Ranges are not just a beautiful location; they are a place where memories are made and there is not really any other spot quite like it. I honestly love hearing about each of the memories my clients have for the different places we visit. For instance, this newborn session with the beautiful little Amelia started at Cloudehill, the same place her parents got married a little less than a year before. Standing in some of the same places that they stood during their wedding -but now with their snuggly new little bundle- are some of my favourite memories of the day. It’s amazing to see what a huge difference 11 months can make to your life! Being invited to share experiences like these are what make me love my job. ❤️

If you are looking to capture your newest little one outdoors in some of the regions best secret spots, please get in touch! I am here to answer any of your burning questions about Newborn photography in the Dandenong Ranges and would love to chat about all things baby with you! Head across to my Connect page and say hello!