Welcome to the World Amelia

Newborn Photography in The Dandenong Ranges

Couple snuggling their newborn in a field at their newborn photography session in the Dandenong Ranges

If you are looking for Newborn Photography in the Dandenong Ranges, I’m your girl! I have a list of secret squirrel spots that are gorgeous every single time, no matter the weather. The Dandenong ranges have soooo many pretty places to choose from for newborn photography, from ponds, forests and open fields, it has so much variety and is a pretty special place to be- I may be biased though, having lived in the shadow of Mt Dandenong my whole life!

I honestly love hearing about each of the memories my clients have for the different places we visit. For this newborn session with the beautiful little Amelia, we started at Cloudehill, the same place her parents got married a little less than a year before. Standing in some of the same places with their new snuggly bundle as we had at their wedding- it was amazing to see what a huge difference 11 months can make to your life!